In 2019 dollars, a CHIP is estimated at $2.53. Learn how that number is derived.
Ready for a new way to think about value?

How Valuable is a CHIP?

We are dedicated to estimating the value of a CHIP: an independent measure of value based on human productivity that transcends national currencies, borders, and cultures.

Today’s Estimated Value ≈ $3.08   (see graph)


Latest Algorithms and Publications

  • A Look at ICT Capital

    A Look at ICT Capital

    This follow-up study evaluates the robustness of the original CHIP value computation, initially proposed to anchor the MyCHIPs currency to the global average of one hour of unskilled work.

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  • CHIP Value Today

    CHIP Value Today

    Calculating a reasonable CHIP estimate requires analyzing mountains of data from markets across the world.  …

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  • [Updated] CHIPs Valuation Theory White Paper – Sponsor: Got Choices Foundation

    [Updated] CHIPs Valuation Theory White Paper – Sponsor: Got Choices Foundation

    This note presents a conceptual framework to quantify the baseline value of the CHIP currency tied to the global average of one hour of unskilled work. Econometric estimates using panel data from 89 world countries over the period 1992-2019 suggest the CHIP value of $2.53 per hour.

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What’s a CHIP?

A CHIP or ‘Credit Hour in Pool’, is an independent measure of value based on a single hour of standardized basic human labor.

The formal CHIP definition can be found here.

The CHIP is the basis for MyCHIPs, a new kind of digital currency that:

  • Holds a more consistent value
  • Is more efficient for consumers
  • Is resistant to corruption and manipulation
  • Is compatible with sound economic principles
  • Is resistant to theft and loss

Check out the full MyCHIPs Papers at

How to get involved:

You can read the book, you can review the work of others and you can even submit your own algorithm. Whether you are in it for the money, or just intrigued by the concept, we’d love to hear from you.


Read up on current publications

Check out the forum for prior publications for background and ideas for your own research.


Write your own algorithm

Submit a paper describing your CHIP valuation algorithm. This may include additions/corrections to existing publications or an entirely new work of your own.


Submit your algorithm and get $$

Publish your ideas on our forum. Once they have been reviewed, you may be eligible to receive a cash prize. Check out our rewards page for more details.


Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to the project founder if the faqs below do not answer your specific question.

How do I submit a publication?

Create a login, then submit a blog post. Subject to review, your post will be approved and published.

Who gets paid?

If you submit a substantive, novel algorithm that can be used to more accurately and/or timely estimate the CHIP value, you are eligible for a cash prize.

You can also submit a proposal and negotiate an award in advance to be paid upon delivery of the finished research.

Can I submit multiple entries?

You can submit subsequent entries, but only if your new work improves on previous entries. We ask that you not submit multiple, competing entries based on contradictory premises or theories. Submit only your best and most credible work.