In 2019 dollars, a CHIP is estimated at $2.53. Learn how that number is derived.

CHIP Value Today


Calculating a reasonable CHIP estimate requires analyzing mountains of data from markets across the world.  Some of the data is clearly not reliable and has to be filtered out.  Even the best data is slow to be published.  So a quality CHIP estimate by the current algorithm is likely at best to be a year or two out of date.

This graph performs an extrapolation of the CHIP valuation estimate in both time directions so we can see, based on the 2019 estimate, what a CHIP might have been worth at various points in time.

The function is performed simply by adjusting the CHIP valuation, expressed in US Dollars, by the inflation rate of the Dollar.  This can provide a means of estimating the present, adjusted CHIP value in between the more complex and less frequent recalculations based on world economic data.

From the graph we can see that early in 2023, the CHIP value is rapidly approaching $3.

* Inflation data for this function is obtained from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, series CUUR0000SA0.

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